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Shipchandler Turkey – Cabin Stores.

Project Description

Shipchandler Turkey; A complete range of cabin stores is available from all our branches. Everything from soap to bedding and gallery equipment is available in a variety of ranges, satisfying our most demanding customers’ requirements. Initial equipping of new-buildings can be done by sourcing equipment from around the world. We ensure that all partners in the purchasing process are satisfied from the purchasing departments to the individual sailors

Shipchandler Turkey servicing all ports of Turkey

Shipchandler Turkey provides you the range of following cabin stores at competitive prices

• Linen (Towel & Table Linen) uniforms/clothing, Wiping cloth (cotton/synthetics).

• Curtains, Working Cloths, rust preventers.

• Cleaning supplies, Products, Consumables & equipment (i.e tank cleaning equipment).

• Cutlery (Plates & Cups)

• Garbage Bags

• Electrical Appliances

• Toiletries

• Floor Coverings

• Stationery

• adhesives

• Brushes

• Hand Cleaners

• Furniture & Fixtures

• All galley items,

• Office equipment & supplies (uk)

• Laundry suppplies ,Accessories and equipment

• Bed Accessories

• Cabinets/storage equipment

• Dishware ,Kitchen ware / kitchen stores (Cook & Steward Wars, Frying Pans & Cooking Pots, Roasting Pans & Mixing Bowls, Knives, Kitchen Utensils, Baker & Pastry Utensils, Squeezers and Mashers, Korean Style Tableware, Japanese Style Tableware, Japanese Style Pans & Ladles, Peelers & Scalers, Butcher’s Gear, Sharpening Stones, Glass Tableware)

• Cookware & serving equipment, Catering & serving equipment,prepartion machines & accesories,cofee serving system & accessories, Food service appliances,

• Rain Suits ( UK – USA – EU ).

• Beauty and Saloon stores.

• Packing materials (Dunn Age wood, craft papers, plastic sheet,Tarpaulin,Hatch cover, Brown tape, Aluminum Foil Roll, Bent Straw, Greased Proof Paper, Hard Translucent Plastic Glass, Plastic Spoons, Marking Cloth, Paper Napkin, Paper Plate, Petroleum Jelly, Plastic Cups, Polythene Bag, Polythene Packing Tape, Sauce Dispenser, Thermocol Bowls, Thermocol Plates, Tooth Picks etc.)


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  • Date 24 Kasım 2015
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