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Ship Chandler Gemlik

Where is Gemlik port? What is location of Gemlik? Gemlik is a town and district in the Bursa Province in Turkey on the southern gulf of Armutlu Peninsula on the coast of the Sea of Marmara. It is located approximately 33 km (20 miles) from Bursa, not far from Istanbul. Gemlik was called Kios until 1922, when its Greek inhabitants, who composed around 80% of the population, left Asia Minor as a result of the population exchange between Turkey and Greece]. As of 2009, the total population of Gemlik is 90,000.

Gemlik harbor is one of the most important harbors in Turkey. The remains of the ancient Greek town of Kios can be found east of Gemlik. The city is renowned for olives and olive oils. Marmara Birlik, a cooperative of olive farmers and producers, it is ranked among the top olive producers in the world.

shipchandler gemlik

Ship chandler Gemlik

Ship chandler Gemlik best ship supplier and ship chandlerat Gemlik port for your good vessel ship supply needs, our professional persons always ready for servicing at gemlik port, ship chandler gemlik arranging your supply needs so fast and with so good prices,

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Gemlik Ship chandler cover a wide range of services and can deliver an extensive list of products, provisions, technical equipment and spare parts. There are seven main categories, here is short list:

  • Ship Chandler Gemlik ship provisions supply
  • Ship Chandler Gemlik ship deck store supply
  • Ship Chandler Gemlik ship engine store supply
  • Ship Chandler Gemlik ship kitchen store supply
  • Ship Chandler Gemlik ship general store supply
  • Ship Chandler Gemlik ship safety equipments
  • Ship Chandler Gemlik ship publications
  • Ship Chandler Gemlik ship pipe supply
  • Ship Chandler Gemlik ship rope supply
  • Ship Chandler Gemlik ship and other all kinds ship requistions

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