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Ship Chandler Tekirdag

Tekirdag harbor is about one hour away from Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey. The distance is about 80 km. Accessibility is very convenient. The city of Tekirdag, which is famous for its natural beauties, hosts a lot of scaffolding including a main port. In general, there are a few ships coming and going in the port of tekirdağ, which is not very busy. Due to the fact that it is close to many places to visit, the port of Tekirdağ is a well-known harbor for sailors and company talents.

   Ship Chandler Tekirdag provide service in every port of tekirdag. You can contact with Ship Chandler Tekirdag for all your needs. You can be sure that Ship Chandler Tekirdag provide the best service with the most favorable conditions. Although Ship Chandler Tekirdag do not have an office in Tekirdağ, Ship Chandler Tekirdag are able to provide all your needs without any problems. You just need to contact Ship Chandler Tekirdag for all your needs. Ship Chandler Tekirdag’s professional team will be at your service every hour of the week without interruption.

As general ship supplier Ship Chandler Tekirdag provide the following services for all Tekirdag Port/Piers:
– Technical spare parts
– Bonded warehouse
– Cabin and Public Areas
– Charts
– Electric Equipment
– Galley
– General Tools
– Marine Medical Supplies
– Life raft services
– Fire fighting
– Wire / textiles ropes
– Lashing materials
– Laundry
– Stationary
– Spare parts storage (forwarding)
– Tools
– Valves

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